2 Nigerian arrested in Ghana for daylight robbery

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The military quarters Divisional Police Command in Gold Coast, have latent 2 Nigerian nationals for sunlight robbery near the presidential royal residence in national capital.

3News reports that the 2 suspects, Ndubueze Odoemenam and Chiokoko Amadie were latent Wed whennoon after they'd gone to hold out their operation.

The two associated thieves apparently emptied the tires with their casualty at the Flagstaff House stoplight and grabbed GH¢6,000 he had pulled back from a bank at Osu.

As indicated by the military quarters Divisional Commander, (ACP) Boniface Frimpong, he previously mentioned the suspects trailed their casualty from a bank in Osu.

The police previously mentioned the casualty ceased at the lightweight|traffic signal|stoplight|light} at Flagstaff House however all of a sudden understood that he had a punctured tire once theinexperienced light went ahead.

At the point when the casualty drive over to the aspect to inspect what happened, 2 folks on a bicycle zoomed past him and grabbed the money he had pulled back alongside the envelope.

ACP Frimpong aforementioned Associate in Nursingother bicycle rider sought after the criminals and hit the one riding the bicycle alongside his cap bringing about a mishap atthirty seven doctor's facility. The mishap supposedly made the money unfurl out and about drawing in workers, various whom started to designate occurrence equity on them

They were, notwithstanding, spared by ASP Nanka-Bruce, UN organization was returning from a prerequisite reason. GH¢5,250 out of the GH¢6,000 satisfaction to the casualty was conjointly recovered.

Preparatory examinations found that the thieves associated nails to rest room shoes apparently to empty the feels sick of their casualty.

The police aforementioned while choosing their objective, the criminals either set their weapon underneath his car tire, regularly one among the back oneswherever he or she had set. in venture with the police, the looters by and large take after their casualties and place the weapon even in movement.

Addressing newsmen, national capital Regional Police bundling Officer ASP Effia Tenge, encouraged the overall population to require notice of the new pattern of wrongdoing and be open-looked at.

She conjointly hated the reportable attempt of killing the 2 criminals at the thirty seven healing facility and alluded to as on the overall population to consistently report violations to the police to encourage the battle against wrongdoing waves.

The two are accused of four checks of scheme to carry out wrongdoing, and were summoned in court Thursday.

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