64 year old woman sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for drug trafficking

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A 64-year-old lady, Identified as Odeyemi Omolola has been condemned to 25 years detainment, after she was discovered liable for endeavoring to send out 1.595 kilograms of cocaine to Saudi Arabia.

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A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, yesterday, condemned 64-year-old Odeyemi Omolola, who is charged under the steady gaze of the court close by a Lagos socialite, Mrs. Funmilola Ogbuaya, otherwise called Funmilola Ogundipe, prevalently referred to in groups of friends as Ariket, to 25 years detainment, for endeavoring to send out 1.595 kilograms of cocaine to Saudi Arabia.

Trial judge, Justice Hadizat Rabiu-Shagari condemned the convict, who is otherwise called Ariyo Monsurat Olabisi, after she changed her supplication in a corrected five numbers of the charge.

The convict was summoned on three numbers charge of connivance, unlawful ownership of restricted medication, and endeavor to send out the said prohibited medication to Saudi Arabia.

The Lagos socialite, Ariket, is confronting charges verging on trick, helping and abetting and getting of the said restricted medication for the convict.

The offenses as indicated by the prosecutor, Mr. Abu Ibrahim, are in opposition to segments 14(b), 11(b) and 19 of the National Drugs Laws Enforcement Agency Act Cap N30, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

The two charged people had argued not liable when they were both summoned under the steady gaze of the court, once in a while in May, this year.

Be that as it may, at the continued trial of the two blamed people yesterday, the convict, Omolara, through her legal advisor, Mr. Lord Wilson, educated the court of her goal to change her request, especially, on check four of the charge, which irritated on endeavor to trade 1.595 kilograms of Cocaine to Saudi Arabia.

Her ask for was allowed by Justice Rabiu-Shagari, who requested the charge be perused to her once more.

Upon the re-perused of the charge, the convict confessed, and the prosecutor encouraged the court to articulate her liable as charged, and to allow him to audit the certainties of the body of evidence against her and to delicate displays she was captured with.

Endeavor by the convict's legal advisor, Mr. Wilson to persuade the court to suspend declaration on her sentence flopped, as the prosecutor, Mr. Ibrahim asked the court to simply ahead and articulate the sentence, subsequent to refering to a few plenty specialists.

In condemning the convict, Justice Rabiu-Shagari after tuned in to the entries of both sides stated, "I have listened precisely of the litigant's direction, it's actual that sentence is not for corrective but rather reformatory and to fill in as hindrance to others. Therefore, the convict is thus condemned to 25 years detainment, beginning from when she was first captured."

The judge likewise requested that the ECOWAS international IDs and the Egypt Air ticket be relinquished to the Federal administration of Nigeria.

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