A 13 year old boy commits suicide in Makurdi

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Aounduver who was an understudy of Lady Celina Academy Makurdi, professedly hung himself in a secretive situation inside his folks' chicken pen situated in their private habitation behind Federal Pay Office, Nyima in Makurdi town.

Portraying the awful occurrence to Vanguard Tuesday, mother of the perished, Mrs. Veronica Terunm who sobbed abundantly as she talked said she was still in stun and couldn't fathom what drove her child to detestable act.

Mrs. Terunm stated,

"I can't simply comprehend what truly happened I should admit. He was only a little kid, I exhorted on Sunday evening on the requirement for him to be a decent kid in the family and couple of hours after the fact I discovered him hanging and dead in our chicken pen.

"That evening he was playing football with his mates outside and at around 7pm we began searching for him after his mates had all gone home.

"In the wake of hunting the whole neighborhood down him, my intuition guided me to the pen where I discovered him hanging inert. I couldn't justifiable it. I shouted and called his dad who was not inside at the time.

"My significant other came and was dumbfounded and stunned. We quickly called the Police who came and watched the circumstance and subsequent to analyzing his remaining parts they communicated stun that he did no stool or urinate on his body not surprisingly in such passings.

"In addition, he was hung with a bit of cloth which clearly couldn't have conveyed his body weight and his legs were on the ground that has abandoned us significantly more confounded, in any case we are not suspecting anyone in this matter but rather we are permitting the Police do their examination." She said as she sobbed wildly.

Whenever reached, the Police Public Relations Officer, Assistant Superintendent, ASP, Moses Yamu who affirmed occurrence said

"the matter is being researched and I can guarantee you that we will dive plunge into the matter."

His remaining parts as yet hanging.

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