Brandy hospitalized after losing collapsing on a plane

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Brandy lost awareness on a Delta Airlines flight at LAX at the beginning of today and was hurried to a doctor's facility. Police said officers and firefighter-paramedics reacted to a report of a man who was "oblivious or practically oblivious" not long after loading up a Delta Airlines plane and it ended up being the artist.

She was taken to a clinic however she was completely cognizant when she was escorted onto the jetway.

As per a report from TMZ, Brandy blacked out on the plane, which was set to travel to New York's JFK International Airport, and travelers and flight orderlies mixed to help her before the aircraft called 911. Paramedics then touched base on the scene, expelled her from the plane then treated her on the jetway, where she recovered cognizance before she was transported to a doctor's facility,

Cognac shared a selfie on Snapchat around two hours before her flight and she appeared to be healthy. She was set to show up with her mom, Sonja Norwood, at the Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo Saturday. The episode won't disturb the show as it is as yet set to occur.

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