Heartless! Pregnant woman accused of being a witch and beaten to death

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Most importantly, how would you even have the heart to pulsate a pregnant lady to the point of death? That is precisely what occurred in the town of Falu in Guyuk LGA.

The 32-year-old lady was beaten with sticks until she kicked the bucket, all since they associated her with being capable of some vile events in the town.

This tragic episode was affirmed to newsmen by the Commissioner of Police in Adamawa, Mr. Moses Jitoboh.

Jitoboh stated:

"She was assaulted with sticks, rope and executed by five suspects on the assertion that the perished was a witch, who was in charge of the passings and ailment of people in the town of Falu.

Five suspects have been captured regarding the wrongdoing. They are; Abraham Adamu, 18, Malachi Yilafane, 35, Thomas Aji, 54, Zakariya Chorum, 56 and Miss Newana Ilihal, 20.

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