Hehe! Man who slapped policeman's wife pretends to faint as he is being dragged into a car in Calabar

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As posted on Facebook by Okon Otoyo prior today...

"The man in the photo slapped a lady who was freeing a woman bicycle imploring him to clear a path for her to go since he was doing morning juggling to keeping fit,this man as opposed to regarding to her plea,he slapped the lady as though she burglarize him.

The Aftermath, he is currently being drag by the spouse to the lady who is likewise an authority of the Nigerian police compel. The film wear turn sawa, he is presently imagining, blacking out and so on.

Moral lesson, pls,be cautious the way you think and respect lady or individual for God seek,such may end up being that enormous square you will never think ought to come your way whenever"

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