HIV-positive man imprisoned for defiling 11-year-old girl in Kenya

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A 43-year-old Kenyan HIV-positive man has been sentenced to life detainment for debasing a 11-year-old young lady following a year-long trial.

The indicted attacker, Antony Saiso as of late at showed up at the Milimani Law Court in Nairobi where he was sentenced to life detainment on the charges of contaminating his casualty (Name Withheld) on the 25th of June 2016, at Kibiko Estate in Ngong, Kajiado County.

Saiso staggered the court when he told the trial officer Ms. Hellen Onkwani to direct that the young lady is inspected on the off chance that she is HIV positive, much the same as him.

"I ask this court to request that the complainant is analyzed to build up her status since I am HIV positive with the goal that she can be put on antiretrovirals before it is past the point of no return," the court listened.

Passing the sentence, Ms. Onkwani said Saiso should be detached from the general public since he is "unsafe."

The officer said young ladies and ladies should be ensured against individuals with conduct like that of the attacker who assaulted the young lady as she was returning home from drawing water and assaulted her.

Ms. Onkwani said grown-ups need to know in regards to their obligation to secure the privileges of young ladies, young men, and ladies from all way of monstrosities being distributed against them.

As indicated by her, the youthful are helpless and those with " abhorrent hungers like the denounced (Saiso) should be rebuffed seriously."

The judge said the arraignment demonstrated past sensible uncertainty that the denounced sexually manhandled the young lady and "cautioned her of critical outcomes on the off chance that she uncovered the demonstration to anyone."

The court said the arraignment benefited therapeutic records that demonstrated the degree of wounds incurred on the elementary school student.

The arraignment had requested that the judge regard him as a first guilty party and force a brutal custodial sentence.

"The offense you submitted is not kidding and you require a hardened punishment for other people who share propensities like you to take in a lesson. Courts have an obligation to secure the individuals who helpless in the general public," Ms. Onkwani said.

Antony Saiso has 14 days to request against the sentence.

Source: Nairobi News

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