Husband beats his 8-months Pregnant wife to death in Abuja

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A human rights Lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, has uncovered a stunning and dismal story of a coldhearted man who beat his pregnant spouse to death in Abuja.

As per him, the assault happened when the man discovered that the pregnancy would have been another infant young lady after she had 3 little girls for the man.

He composed:

"The occurrence happened in Abuja early yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The lady was 8 months pregnant. She as of now had 3 girls for the man. We trust the assault happened when the man discovered that the pregnancy would have been another infant young lady. He got frantic in light of the fact that he had expected an infant kid.

Neighbors heard the lady shouting in the early hours of the night, and some solid of a battle. Obviously, he beat her to death. At sunrise, the man went to the police headquarters and revealed that his better half endured a sudden however common passing.

Be that as it may, the story did not bode well. The police addressed the neighbors and found he was beating the lady. Likewise the police addressed their first girl who told the police that their dad beat their mum to death. Clearly, the young ladies looked as their dad slaughtered their mom. They most likely know why – in light of the fact that it is terrible to hold up under a young lady rather than a kid.

The police captured the man for murder and he is in confinement. DPA is proceeding with its examination concerning the matter. Our agent is making a beeline for the police headquarters. We mean to approach the suspect, to recognize what extra light he could shed on the occurrence. Aldo we need to find out the states of the three young ladies to guarantee they are securely with mother's relatives.

DPA laments that the neighbors who heard the shouting did not mediate to protect the lady. They just tuned in. Furthermore, no one tried to contact the police. A DPA part who is a neighbor to the couple depicted the lady as convivial and conscious.

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