“I am a true servant of God” – Majid Michel utters

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Just to give his various fans crosswise over Africa the confirmation that he didn't proclaim himself a conceived again Christian and a minister for narrow minded reasons, grant winning Ghanaian performing artist, Majid Michel, has focused on that he is a genuine hireling of God.

Obviously reacting to pessimists and commentators alike, who had prior rejected his cases of being a minister as a ploy to protect his fame among motion picture fans on the mainland, Majid, who had been lecturing about God and the Christian confidence via web-based networking media, as of late noted on Instagram that his rationale was not to look for the consideration of anybody.

Citing straightforwardly from the sacred texts, he composed,

"Am I now attempting to win the support and endorsement of men or that of God? Or, then again am I looking to please somebody? On the off chance that I were all the while attempting to be mainstream with men, I would not be a bond-worker of Christ."

Considering the force of his enthusiasm for the gospel these days, it is ending up noticeably obvious that the performing artist, who is presently tended to as Evangelist Majid Michel, may choose to dump the screen for the podium at any point in the near future.

As evidence that he may well be bound for the switch, Majid was a visitor speaker at a three-day Leadership Summit composed at the Strong Tower Parish of the Fire of Life Ministries, a Christian association, in Benin City, capital of Edo State, last May.

Additionally, sharing his experience on the arrangement of Emem Isong's "Ayamma" in a meeting with our journalist in October, 2016 the on-screen character had uncovered his genuine rationale as a conceived again performing artist when he stated,

"I have recently understood that the expert of Jesus Christ must be attested in each culture and convention.

"I trust that Jesus came to cleanse these societies and to take them away. Additionally, He came to take away our conventions and to supplant them with His kingdom on earth. I trust that the genuine culture is the method for God."

Be that as it may, Majid is not the principal well known Nollywood on-screen character to wind up plainly a Christian evangelist or minister out of the blue.

Numerous film fans have not overlooked how Eucharia Anunobi, effortlessly a standout amongst the most prevalent performing artists that Nollywood has delivered, mixed up the amusement when she declared in 1997 that she had turned into a conceived again Christian.

After twenty years, the on-screen character, who asserted in a meeting with an online daily paper that her transformation had in a flash made her the object of most jokes in the film business, gives off an impression of being doing fine as a minister.

Similarly as Eucharia did not stop acting, it is additionally conceivable that Majid may hold his status as a minister while engaging his fans on the screen.

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