If Zombie Apocalypse Occurs Today Every Other Person Would Run Except Us Gamers - Yungblood

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I have this thought running through my mind for a long time now, what if Zombies or vampires surface any moment like we watch on movies, what would everybody do? how safe are we going to be, are we going to have heroes like the popular Blade and  the rest of them in nollywood movies. Just as these thoughts ran through my mind, i found someone who has similar reasoning, he was Yungblood the popular Nigerian singer, he shared his view on this on his facebook timeline, he said

If the zombie apocalypse occurs today..err other person would run!except us gamers,we been waiting for that stuff our whole lives😂💪✌️
Haha Bros forget, i will be among the first set of people to run!, i will run and run and run and run till run will start running me, forget wetin you dy play for game, we talking reality, you talking nonsense and moreover you have arms as many as you cant get in games, who wan give you gun for Nigeria?  when last you take maleria drugs ni?, ? Lol  

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