Landlord seizes tenant's pot of Chicken soup over unpaid rent in Cameroon

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An abused proprietor throughout the end of the week stunned one of his inhabitants by taking the pot of chicken soup his significant other had been cooking more than 6months lease. As indicated by Cameroon-harmony, the episode occurred at Bassa neighborhood in Douala, Cameroon.

Endeavors made by different inhabitants to persuade the landowner to hand over back the pot of chicken soup was met with solid resistance.

At the point when inquired as to why he took such extraordinary measure, the landowner sharply stated: "this man has cash to get ready chicken however does not have cash to pay for his rents, has not paid his rents for as far back as six months.

Each time I request that he go out, he states me a few articles of the Penal Code showing that I may get into genuine issue with the powers of lawfulness on the off chance that I show him out inside two months without notice."

Different occupants who saw the show say their landowner has been extremely tolerant with their neighbor as far back as he began declining to pay his rents however it has never gotten to this stage.

Despite the fact that, they admitted to the way that the proprietor is extremely troublesome with regards to leasing issues yet they couldn't comprehend why he has been peaceful until the day took away the pot of chicken soup.

'It is simply today we are taking in the occupant had been citing areas of the Penal Code to drive the proprietor off,' one of the inhabitants said.

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