Lol Soldiers flog man for not helping them to fetch water in Benue

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Mr. Matthews Emberga-Biem was fiercely beaten by warriors positioned in Benue State for professedly declining to enable them to get water from a stream.

The story was shared by Aper Zava. He composed;

Naka town is the headquarter of Gwer-west L.GA in Benue State, around 40 km from Makurdi, the Benue State capital. There is a military post as you are going to enter the town from Makurdi. Officers progressed toward becoming positioned there in 2014 when furnished Fulani herders hindered the Makurdi – Naka street for a while, shooting and murdering anyone that challenged to handle the street. It was the warriors who pursued away the equipped Fulani herders from the street making it alright for individuals to pass.

In any case, the fighters did not come back to their sleeping shelter in the wake of retaking the street from the equipped Fulani herders. They positioned at a left elementary school at Tse Orbiam town at the edges of Naka town along the Makurdi - Naka street.

This military post has stayed to date.

As far back as their entry, officers from this military post have been a genuine agony in the asses of inhabitants of Naka. Whatever they do is attack young fellows. I have heard exceptionally corrupt stories of how these officers abuse individuals consistently so much that it is currently difficult to recognize them from blackguards.

Their current casualty is my companion Matthews Emberga-Biem II. He educates at Mount La Salle College Naka (my Alma mater). Toward the beginning of today, as was racing to go for his morning lessons, these fighters ceased him at a stream near the school entryway and requested him to get water for them. He declined, and disclosed to them that he was hurrying to go show his lessons. This was sufficient explanations behind the fighters to thump him so cruelly as should be obvious in the connected picture.

That's it. This is activity can't go unpunished.

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