Military Man Beats Civilian Man For Touching Him At A Night Club

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A Nigerian Army Officer, recognized as Ijimakinwa olusegun has been blamed for beating a businessperson, Lawson, on the grounds that he erroneously hit him at a packed club in Aba, Abia State.

A Facebook User, Joseph O. Michael shared the story uncovering that the military man and his companions beat up Lawson at a dance club in Aba.

He guaranteed that the representative was ambushed just on the grounds that he erroneously touched the officer in the midst of the jam in the club.

He composed:

My dear friends,the name of this Army man is Ijimakinwa olusegun, his base is in ABA. Alternate pictures that are shown underneath is a non military personnel and a businessman,and his name is Lawson. He was beaten ruthlessly by this Army man and his boys,in a Nite Club at ABA throughout the end of the week. Because Lawson's body erroneously touched his,and everything come about to what has happened to Lawson. This Army man by name Ijimakinwa olusegun,has been taking laws into his own hands over yonder in ABA harassing individuals the way he prefers. Pls companions share this message until it gets to the higher specialist. Armed force are assume to be ensuring individuals and not ambushing them. Share until i get's to the higher specialist.

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