Nigerian Lady Who Sold Kerosene In Lagos, Now Works At BBC

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A Nigerian Lady, Ruona J. Meyer shared astounding story of her lifting from grass to effortlessness after she landed a major position with British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, which she began on Monday, twelfth of June, 2017.

She uncovered in her story that while hustling numerous years prior, she sold lamp oil before her mom's shop in Lagos now she has harvested the her reward for so much hard work since she didn't free core interest.

She composed:

'God beyond any doubt has a comical inclination; my first ever by-line in news coverage arrived in a THISDAY daily paper on 12 June 2003.

Today makes it precisely 14 years of sweat, tears, coarseness, penances, grins, victories and favors. I have had the benefit to be tutored by incredible columnists including Simon Kolawole, Paul Ibe, Ijeoma Nwogwugwu, Kadaria Ahmed, Dele Olojede, and sound experts like Femi Adeniran, who picked me to work under him at GTBank HQ.

I can't thank all of you enough. You have raised me to be a hard worker; I was the young lady who might walk the distance from Cele Bus-stop back home through Ilasa to Isolo at midnight after "creation;" the person who had an independent venture offering lamp fuel by the jug before my Mother's "scientific expert" shop at Ilasa, while piling on by-lines for Thisday. I was the young lady who had no degree, yet composed addresses for Tayo Aderinokun (God rest his lovely soul).

These individuals shaped me in a way that it has turned out to be second nature to me to see each mishap was an expectation to absorb information, each test as an activity to overcome and grin back on. On account of all of you, I have had the benefit of a broad expert life; Reuters, the FT, and who knew I would now be paid to go to work, for the BBC, and be "permitted" to speak Pidgin??

I am actually in Journalism Heaven at this moment! I have not ceased discontinuously crying cheerful and tragic tears, as my Dad Godwin is not here physically to partake in this euphoria. At that point there is Micha, who has never obstructed my expert progess, and has rather made broad passionate and money related penances for me and bolstered me completely to be the best at this part since I moved bak to Lagos. My kin have been recently THE BEST, despite the fact that the one that makes me frantic of them all is Ronke.

The individuals who knew when the procedure started months back (yes this has been from route back) frequently asked me: why might you move from Germany? Indeed, in light of the fact that the BBC is spearheading an incredible thing for Africa, opening a Pidgin Service, and I could NEVER turn down the benefit to be a witness and laborer toward the begin of what will be an awesome move in my mainland's media scene. I am so eager to be back in the newsroom, I feel… alive, and… I can't state excessively, yet we would like to demonstrate to all of you what is conceivable, with God as our witness.

a long time since everything began, I am back here, in Nigeria, and in the event that anyone peruses this, simply realize with diligent work, EVERYTHING is conceivable and what is yours can't avoid being yours.

Put resources into yourself. Do things the correct way. Encircle yourself with the correct accomplices, coaches, relatives and companions – quality over amount. Compromising and being embarrassed about being thought of as a geek/efiko/mumu is not cool. Possess your straight-mindedness and interesting identity otherwise known as Ibile element. Possess your degree and the open doors it brings. Claim your profession and be key about it. Buckle down, and after that… play hard. Like, chuckle HARD.

Nobody is ensured a long life, so it is ideal to experience your best proficient and individual life.

As I go up against this part, I need to request that all of you please ensure I never walk alone o. Abeg, if there are ways I can serve you the general population better, let us know. When I commit an error, let me know; investigate me, since we are all in this o. Na me and una waka come!'


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