Nigerians Blows Whistle for EFCC to investigate Hushpuppi

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Hushpuppi is an inclining theme today on Social Media, Thanks to Phyno, Kcee and Ice Prince. 

Kcee's Open Letter to Hushpuppi has made Nigerians question the last's wellspring of riches, with many approaching law authorization to examine how the Malaysian-Based Nigerian Big kid profits. 

Kcee's letter peruses; 

Dear Hushpuppi, 

We are artists not poor people. Who precisely do you think you are to open your mouth and affront a performer that sweats day and night in the studio? 

You have no validity, no known wellspring of wage but you gone ahead web-based social networking to assault persevering Nigerian performers with traceable riches. 

Let's be honest, I think we've had enough of this hogwash and discourtesy shape you. Truly, What do you accomplish as a profession, what is your ability, how could you profit, what mark do you speak to? I will volunteer raise an appeal to against you. 

We need to know your wellspring of salary since you now have the nerves to go ahead online networking and get out a brand. Who is your dad, Are you OBO , are you an assessable Nigerian. 

We have to begin making inquiries and the EFCC @officialefcc necessities to begin paying more 'Tender loving care'. 

Quickly, a Twitter client, @Ladispeaks, willingly volunteered gather information where he inquired as to whether the EFCC ought to without a doubt explore Hushpuppi… and 85% voted yes.

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