Over 150 Registered Sim Cards And Phones Recovered From Notorious Kidnapper, Evans

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Taking after the continuous examination of abducts arranged by infamous very rich person capture Kingpin, Evans, A senior Police Officer unveiled that 162 Phone lines have been recouped from the suspect.

On wednesday, An Officer who argued namelessness uncovered that the suspect has 11 telephones, including a Thuraya and 2 Vertu telephones, esteemed at N2.4 million and N2.6 million, individually and included that SIM cards utilized by Evans confused the difficulties postured by the complex telephones, as he purchased SIM cards enlisted from lowlifes in Computer Village, Ikeja.

He stated:

"More disclosures have been made amid examination. On Wednesday, we found that Evans still had 36 more SIM cards outside the 126 lines we as of now have.

He has 11 telephones, including a Thuraya and 2 Vertu telephones, esteemed at N2.4 million and N2.6 million, separately. That was the reason it was extremely hard to capture him on the grounds that the two telephones can work without SIM cards.

That is the sort of telephone the Boko Haram fear based oppressor gathering is utilizing as a part of the leave. All the 162 lines are operational lines, with the exception of one that is for his close family. We are dealing with the new lines and telephones. .

Turaya is a satellite telephone. In Nigeria, we don't have the capacity to track Turaya. He utilized the three telephones for his evil exercises. We prevailing with regards to following him through alternate telephones he has."

"We examined and broke down 162 SIM cards before we got him. We have around two-page investigation of each of the numbers. He utilized 161 of those numbers to call his pack individuals just and utilized one to call his mom, spouse and sister.

He said he purchased all the SIM cards effectively enlisted in Computer Village for N1,500 each. We picked his sister, his youth companion with whom he went to grade school, and four of his lady friends. .

They gave us the data that prompted his capture. Evans affirmed that they didn't know he was into seizing. Hence, we allowed them safeguard, while examinations proceed"

Another source at that point uncovered that agents had revealed two different camps, which would soon be gone by beside a camp in New Igando, where Evans kept his casualties.

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