"Pack your things and leave north immediately” - IPOB tells Igbos

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IPOB has advised the Arewa Groups to give the Igbos time to move back toward the south. Their pioneer, Nnamdi Kanu additionally expressed gratitude toward the northerners for giving the Igbos a guidance ahead of time to clear the north.

Review, some Arewa youth bunches had a three-month quit see from the north to Igbos dwelling there.

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, and other northern Governors had kicked against the notice however a few senior citizens in the district have upheld the expulsion of Igbo from the north.

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) on Friday, June 9, tossed its weight behind the call for Igbo to empty the north.

In an announcement marked by Emma Powerful, IPOB approached all southerners in the north to begin leaving the area as quickly as time permits.

"We the individuals from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it's administration overall wish to genuinely thank the Arewa Elders Forum (AEF), Arewa Youths and Arewa Consultative Forum for seeing sense in what IPOB has been saying in regards to the requirement for a submission to be directed in Nigeria to choose the destiny of the segment ethnic nationalities criminally lumped together by the British in 1914," the announcement read.

"Biafrans by and large likewise wish to thank these vocal Northerners for at any rate having the affability to issue preemptive guidance this time before leaving on their standard slaughter of Igbos and different Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria; not at all like what their fathers did in 1966 when passing, obliteration and disorder were unleashed after clueless guiltless non military personnel populaces from the South including for the most part Igbo men, ladies and kids.

"Igbo slaughters in Northern Nigeria has happened such a variety of times that it has practically turned into some kind of a yearly wearing movement for murderous Northern young people. That is the reason we are especially appreciative to Arewa Youths and Elders for having the conventionality to give us earlier notice before the butcher begins.

"We guarantee to cling to your notice to leave Northern Nigeria on the grounds that a word is sufficient for the insightful. Biafrans and other Southerner ought to begin pressing their properties to come down toward the South. We likewise counsel the Northern adolescents and their Elders to keep it on in light of the fact that all they have done is exercise their entitlement to free discourse which is not a wrongdoing under any law known to man. We are in this way against those requiring the capture of these Arewa Youths and their Elders.

"It is richly apparent from the genocidal explanations originating from certain persuasive fragments of Northern Nigeria that the British socio-political experimentation and financial extortion we know today as Nigeria, ought not have been made in any case. IPOB is especially mindful of the secret shakedown and inferred risk inalienable in the articulations exuding from Islamic Northern Nigeria.

"Moreover, the presumption that financial ventures of Biafrans in the Northern piece of the contraption called Nigeria is an obstruction to Biafra rebuilding undertaking is confused and most certainly lost. This is shabby shakedown intended to trigger hostility among Biafra populaces in light of the fact that the North have constantly accepted and wrongly as well, that Igbos will put financial prosperity far beyond their life. This suspicion depends on a false preface and one we are resolved to demonstrate same as occasions unfurl in the coming weeks and months.

"IPOB under the heavenly initiative of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the instrument Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty) is utilizing to reestablish Biafra, hence we are not anxious of our foes, neither will any risk or savagery from any quarter deflect us. We stay tranquil in our honorable journey to reestablish Biafra however we should alert that we generally hold the perfectly fine individuals to safeguard ourselves ought to the need emerge.

"The humanized world knows that we IPOB have been embracing serene intends to reestablish Biafra since 2014. It is the Arewa Islamic Northern Nigeria commanded Army, Police, Navy and Civil Defense that has brought torment, killings, slaughters and anarchy to groups and populaces in the South. Till date, no one has been considered responsible notwithstanding the presence of a far reaching Amnesty International answer to this impact.

"We know that these Northern young people and their backers Britain, have idealized arrangements to start another round of murdering of pure individuals as the did in 1966. We encourage them not to commit this error since Britain will never again ensure Islamic Northern Nigeria in light of the fact that in this computerized age, the world is viewing. Permit Biafrans time to move gently back to Bafraland, that is all we inquire."

Other northern partners against the quit see incorporate, Sokoto representative Aminu Tambuwal and the Emir of Katsina Abdulmumini Kabir.

They said that Igbo locals are allowed to live in the district for as long they need.

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