Pastor hires bouncers to stop his wife’s burial on her property in Kwara State

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It was a peculiar dramatization throughout the end of the week when an Abuja-based minister, Jacob Oyedepo, welcomed "bouncers" to scatter relatives and companions who had assembled to cover his better half on a property the perished was said to have created before death came calling.

Oyedepo, as indicated by a few sources, works with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in spite of the fact that there were the individuals who communicated question about his genuine part as a Pastor in the congregation.

The perished, Mrs. Christiana Adetola Oyedepo (nee Abu) passed on May 2, 2017 after an ailment that was said to have gone on for in regards to three months. She was matured 45 years.

The occurrence, which occurred at Oke-Andi region of Ilorin, Kwara State, sent tongues swaying concerning why a pastor would make such a stride over a lady that was hitched to him for a long time and had four children before she kicked the bucket.

There were theory that the pastor had endeavored to offer the uncompleted property and was worried that covering the lady on the site would demoralize imminent purchasers from the property.

Relatives guaranteed that the expired had left on the venture with advances acquired from a helpful society was all the while overhauling the credit when she kicked the bucket.

The expired was said to have been an instructor in one of the government funded schools in the state and had built up the property all alone. Family sources asserted that their marriage had been shaken by affirmations of abuse purportedly by the pastor however that the perished had held it under wrap to forestall open disparagement.

A family source said the two had met in chapel and began their relationship there.

"She was head of choir and he was head of Youth group in the congregation," the source inside the family stated, including: "Our folks never endorsed of the marriage at first in light of the fact that the expired just got back home to present the man and demanded that she was enamored with and that he was a decent Christian.

That was what made us to at long last acknowledge. We didn't know there was a considerable measure of mishandle in the marriage until she brought forth the fourth kid and she started to talk about it."

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