People are packed like sardines in Zamfara State prisons

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The Chief Judge of Zamfara State, Justice Kulu Aliyu, has said that more than 700 cases will soon be explored in its offered to split down jail clog and wrongful detainment in the state.

Aliyu made this known while addressing columnists in Gusau on Monday at the beginning of her yearly jail visit.

She noticed that the Gusau Medium Prison was stuffed, subjecting detainees to different perils, particularly social insurance issues.

"Since the visit will bear the cost of us more chances to see the circumstance and states of prisoners, we are likely going to survey many cases," the CJ said

On the issue of wrongful detainment, she stated: "every one of those detainees wrongly blamed and detained will be without set since that is the agreement of equity."

The Chief additionally charged judges in the state to be "more persevering in the release of their obligations, including that if judges and the police were doing their occupation successfully, the issue of jail clog won't emerge."

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