Photos: Woman Plots Assassin To Kill Friend Who Borrowed Her N7million

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A lady's devilish technique to not paying the N7 million she owed her business accomplice has handled her in police authority in the Ashanti Region.

As per reports, Madam Joyce Antwi obtained N7 million from her business accomplice to empower her extend her business – her due date to restore the advance was settled for April 2017. Instead of pay back the advance, Madam Joyce made courses of action to kill the loan specialist.

Police say Madam Joyce Antwi contracted a professional killer to murder her business accomplice Instead of paying back the owed aggregate, she enlisted a man she thought was a professional killer for N365, 000 to execute the business accomplice.

Antwi paid a propel expense of N150,000 to the man and demonstrated to him the place of her business accomplice. With a guarantee to pay the adjust when the occupation was finished. She then prompted him to complete the murdering toward the evening when her business accomplice's significant other and kids would not be at home.

The contracted "professional killer" then announced Madam Antwi to the police and she was quickly captured. She is said to have admitted to the wrongdoing in her alert explanation.

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