Singapore Man Sleeps with 57 women in 24 hours, breaks world record

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A 34-year old man from Singapore has broken a long-standing world record by effectively engaging in sexual relations with 57 unique ladies inside a 24 hour time frame. The record was set in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, as a major aspect of a yearly occasion keep running by a neighborhood whorehouse.

The man, who was not named by nearby Czech media, told journalists that he had been preparing hard for a time of months and was pleased to have broken the past record, which remained at 55.

"I've generally been somewhat of a sex someone who is addicted, and when I discovered that the house of ill-repute was having a world record endeavor I knew I needed to come and give it a go," he said. "I consider it truly important and prepare for it simply like a competitor would get ready for a marathon. In some ways, it's in reality considerably harder than a great deal of expert games."

The world record endeavor started at midnight nearby time, with authorities looking on as the man initiated intercourse with his initially accomplice.

"For the world record to tally, each lady I laid down with must be distinctive, so the scene needed to employ various young ladies from different houses of ill-repute."

By late morning the man was in front of world-record pace, having laid down with 29 ladies.

"I began to get somewhat of an issue around at that point however fortunately we had a physiotherapist close by to give me a back rub which assisted," he told columnists.

As a component of the conditions connected to the world record, no challenger is permitted to take any physician recommended prescription to upgrade their erection, and the Singaporean man breezed through a test to uncover his framework was clear of such solution.

"Regular cures are allowed, yet I won't uncover what supplements I take," he said.

Likewise, for every individual session of intercourse to number, the member must discharge more than 5ml of semen. The record authorities were available to obediently gauge the measure of liquid discharged by the man toward the finish of every session.

"It's not the most looked for after employment, but rather we think that its compensating in our own particular manner," said one of the judges included.


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