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Kuti Ellem a barrister and a popular graphics designer took to facebook his turn offs about the church which is actually funny but true,  he said:

Now I don't know if God will judge these people or just pack them into lake of fire.

This is exactly why I don't go to church. The so called brethren corrupt my reasoning more than the street makes me.

Abeg think about it. When a church contracts you to design flyer(s), you will want to work on trust hoping to get paid once you are done. But when you deliver the job and the church member in or pastor in charge blocks you on whatsapp, and refuses to take your call, what do you do? Shey you go say my reward dey for heaven? Mbanu...

I am definitely going to arrest the pastor. I forgot to tell him I'm a lawyer before I did the job. But for now, I'm assuming his phone has network issues until I'm tired of assuming.

That is how some people in church get wretched..we Nigerians believe so much in church and the man of God that we are forgetting the original purpose of the gathering of the brethren.

Tell me, if na you, wetin you go do?

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