Two Chibok Girls Successfully Graduates From U.S High School

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Two Chibok schoolgirls who gotten away from their Boko Haram abductors in 2014 have moved on from a secondary school in Washington DC, the United States Capital.

The two young ladies, known by their first names, Debbie and Grace, on Thursday graduated subsequent to finishing junior year (eleventh grade) and senior year (twelfth grade) at a prestigious private worldwide school in the Washington metro range in America.

This was revealed through a public statement on Friday by Emmanuel Ogebe, a U.S.- based human rights legal counselor and the International Director of Education Must Continue Initiative, a Nigerian non-administrative association required under the watchful eye of the young ladies.

As indicated by the discharge, Debbie and Grace were among 57 young ladies who gotten away from the psychological militants after the mass kidnapping of just about 300 of them at Government Girls State School in April 2014.

Not at all like the vast majority of their associates who hopped out of the trucks in which they were being crowded away into imprisonment, the two young ladies arrived the fear based oppressors camp in Sambisa backwoods before getting away back home in a startling adventure that brought about seven days with their captors close behind.

They were the last to escape until Amina Ali likewise got away a year ago following two years with the fear mongers.

The two schoolgirls were among twelve Nigerian young ladies supported to schools abroad by the NGO with the assistance of Mr. Ogebe.

The NGO is controlled by casualties of Boko Haram helping different casualties to defeat the effect of the insurrection.

"By this graduation, Debbie and Grace turned into the principal got away Chibok young ladies to move on from an American secondary school with certificates in the wake of finishing and meeting scholarly norms," Mr. Ogebe expressed.

"This comes three years after psychological oppressors interfered with their training amid their last year in school in upper east Nigeria. A few different young ladies had dropped out of EMC's school abroad venture in the wake of figuring out how to move on from center school (eighth level) a year ago and are presently endeavoring to take the GED exam (outside GCE equal).

"Available to witness the memorable graduation of the two Chibok young ladies in the class of 2017 were an assignment from Nigeria which incorporated the authors and chiefs of Education Must Continue Initiative, Mr and Mrs Paul Gadzama, and the parent of one of the young ladies who voyaged the distance from Chibok in North-east Nigeria.

"The main Chibok young lady as of now seeking after a degree program in an American college, cut off her mid year excursion in Nigeria to return for the graduation of her partners. The young ladies' American receiving families and Mr. Ogebe and his family were among the group of onlookers who saw the memorable graduation.

"The class of 2017 was the 50th graduation of the school which was the primary secondary school in America to win a prestigious President's honor a year ago. The Chibok young ladies were among just 21 understudies who graduated as a couple of global understudies were not able graduate.

In comments amid a celebratory gathering, the Chibok young ladies said thanks to their receiving families and the NGO volunteers from EMC for supporting them to accomplish their fantasies. They especially valued them for driving the young ladies day by day to and from school for a long time.

"Likewise talking, the parent going by from Nigeria expressed that he had by and by observed that the group had helped out his little girl in America than he could have accomplished for them in Nigeria and said thanks to them for their affection".

Relating how the activity began, Mr. Ogebe said he initially brought the vagrant of a minister killed by Boko Haram to class in the U.S in 2013.

Mr. Ogebe "valued the give up of EMC organizers, Mr. also, Mrs. Gadzama, who flew at their own cost to witness the young ladies' graduation in the wake of missing their own girl's graduation with an experts in Public Health (MPH) in Michigan only half a month prior."

He additionally expressed gratitude toward EMC's "American volunteer Education Adviser, Deanna who got affirmation and grants to the restrictive $35,000 every year school for her part after their previous school attempted to exploit them. The young ladies needed to rehash eleventh grade after their underlying school neglected to get together to its commitments".

Mr. Ogebe said the young ladies won a few honors, including for "Most persevering understudy in English as Second Language 3".

"This is an extraordinary deed for Chibok young ladies particularly given the way that in Nigeria, most keep on speaking in Hausa to the frustration of numerous Nigerians. This demonstrates our training model of inundation – putting the understudies in American homes – was massively fruitful as they are currently ready to connect with unquestionably, convey successfully and bloom by and large.

"This is the reason the young ladies in EMC's US program are the most lucid Chibok young ladies anyplace on the planet."

"Affirming this, have guardians including legal advisors, specialists and bookkeepers described stories of how Americanized the young ladies are citing one as saying 'mum, the climate is gross' while on another event disclosing to her host mum, an American specialist, how Uber, the application based taxi benefit, works."

With this graduation, Mr. Ogebe said EMC has no more understudies in secondary school in the US.

"All are presently post-optional level and surpass all the Chibok young ladies in the Nigerian projects keep running by the Federal Government and Borno State government. EMC and AUN's projects are the two most exceptional projects for Chibok young ladies.

"The way that these young ladies could prevail regardless of the most exceedingly terrible of psychological oppression and the restriction of their own administration no less is verification that the entryways of hellfire can't win against the walk of a young lady focused on accomplishing her fantasies or any band of people joined to bolster them. They are really a demonstration of the unyielding human soul under direction of an extraordinary God.

"Not one particle of support has originated from any administration anyplace. Or maybe we have paid the Nigerian and U.S governments various circumstances for different requirements for the young ladies.

"Toward the day's end, our work of adoration has been delegated with achievement despite every one of the naysayers and saboteurs. To God alone by the transcendence. We thank every one of our companions and supporters," Mr. Ogebe expressed.

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