VIDEO: Prophet reveals what will happen to Nnamdi Kanu before Biafra is achieved

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Jewish Prophet Joshua Yanis has noted it is inescapable to accomplish Biafra without the spilling of blood. Yanis says the pioneer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu's life is in grave peril. The minister says there are numerous elites of the east who don't need the best for Kanu, and will effectively expel the Radio Biafra chief. Yanis cautioned Kanu to be watchful of the general population he works with, shakes hands and relates with, notice against government officials, ministers and other conspicuous Nigerians that are paying him visits. In his Youtube video titled: "The fate of my kin, Biafra," Yanis said Kanu ought to be cautious and attentive as a few people that claim to be his companions might be out to dispose of him. Concerning accomplishment he said the world is currently mindful of the Biafra individuals, he said the development has put forth an exceptionally solid expression. The pastor however noticed that Biafra will in any case take at some point before it is completed. He additionally focused on that there must be shedding of blood or else there won't be an accomplishment of Biafra. The following is simply the now profoundly popular video of the self-acclaimed Jewish prophet. In a comparative vein, a call has been made for the capture of Nnamdi Kanu, taking after a move by the IPOB to outline and Benue states as a major aspect of Biafra domain. The require Kanu's capture was made by a Kogi socio-social gathering named the Ujache Igala Association. The gathering which gave the police a due date of two weeks to capture Kanu, said the IPOB's claim to domain was "absolute franticness". Boss Goodman Akwu, the gathering's national executive, in an announcement made on Monday, June 5, focused on that there is no consistent motivation behind why Kogi and Benue ought to be mapped as a major aspect of Biafra. Akwu said the IPOB and other master Biafra instigators that consented to the mapping are yet pushing their fantasies too far. "Ample opportunity has already past the administration defeated its insouciance and nipped this daringness of rebellious follow up on time," the gathering said.

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