Why the brave policeman had to run away during Owerri Zenith Bank Robbery

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A legal advisor, Kissinger Ikeokwu who is situated in Imo State has asserted to have gotten the genuine record of the burglary that occurred at Zenith Bank, Owerri, which left a brave policemant, Sergeant Iboko dead.

The overcome policeman who killed one of the four equipped burglars in the assault, ran out from where he sought shelter and endured extreme gunfire wounds and kicked the bucket the following day in a police facility in Owerri after he was supposedly dismisses at the Federal Medical Center, Owerri.

Read what was shared by the legal advisor on Facebook concerning the episode.

Pinnacle Bank Robbery

The individuals who accuse the officer for running out failed to understand the situation. I got the genuine record from an unknown witness and feel I ought to share it since he can't by reason of his office.

At the point when the looters moved toward the Bank, three Policemen were in the little Security House. They diaplayed courage by shooting and impacting the auto windows, yet the burglars still developed frim he auto unhurt in what many have depicted as "Odoeshi". The thief in blue the officer shot dead moved strategically to the little window at the posterior the Policeman kept running towards. He splashed them with slugs killing one in a flash and seriously harming the officer who today lost his one eye. The heroic Iboko was the man the burglars slug didnt touch and he sought shelter hiding and kept his quiet.

Certain that he had completed the officers who hid at the little security post, the looter on blue chosen to enter and complete the final gasp off every one of the officers. It was then that Iboko who had hidden having seen his men in the pool of their blood chosen to either act or bite the dust with them. Detecting the invinsibility of the burglars, Iboko was accounted for to have deeped his firearm nussle into the blood of his partners and that demonstrated indispensable in neautralizing the suppossed odoeshi.

Instantly the thief on blue who had splashed them with shots from the back window moved toward the entryway, Iboko took him out. Having shot and demonstrated he was alive, Iboko knew he should escape or sit tight for the criminals who didnt fear projectiles now wanted him. He made the deft move with only 20% possibility of getting away. He kept running towards the posterior of the Bank working through the left flank.but he couldnt run too far as he tumbled to slug wounds.

Upon his falling the other burglar he had a face toface short proximity shootout with now came towards him and down-poured slugs on him, yet Iboko's four associates at the back gave him reinforcement… … that reinforcement was shots from the most distant end of the lawn that made the enemy of Iboko withdraw and rush to their auto in a rush.

Iboko kicked the bucket later of his injuries. 7 Policemen were on obligation on that very day at the Bank wetheral Branch. 3 lost their life including iboko. One made due with wounds. 3 got away unhurt and recounted the story you read thusly.

The survivors were at the back yard and they fortified Iboko giving him cover when he fell. Their shots made the rubbers withdraw in a rush and not pick the firearms of the killed officers. Their back reinforenent made the burglars desert their associate through whom Police got the pieces of information that eventually prompted the capture and waterloo of the criminals.

Iboko hid going underground with a dead partner and one whose eyes was broken by a similar man he killled. He executed same man when he came tru the entryway yet lost I attempting to pursue uncovering his cover. Watch the video once more. Detect the burglar on blue go behind which the CCTV camera didn't cover. He shot the 3 officers from the back window on short proximity target. Iboko was fortunate not to be hit and took viable cover going underground. He moved when he needed to move when the man now came tru the way to complete the employment and Iboko took him out.

Such Gallantry. Tear to the fallen… … .. My sympathies to the families.

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