“Why can't some men pass a night without sleeping with a woman?” – NABO Chairman Cries Out On Prostitution

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The proprietors of houses of ill-repute under the aegis of The National Association of Brothel Owners, NABO, Imo State part, has raised a team to prevent non-enlisted individuals from working.

They additionally uncovered that the affiliation has idealized arrangements to purify prostitution, which it said was the most established calling known to humankind.

NABO state Chairman, Dr. Stanley Nwachukwu, expressed that individuals who occupied with youngster trafficking in the massage parlors would be accounted for to the police.

He included that the team would angle out whorehouses where hard medications were being sold.

He likewise expressed that the affiliation had helped in controling instances of assault and sexual manhandle among kids, which he said would have been more widespread without the operation of whorehouses in the state.

He stated:

"I will guarantee that sufficient fines are paid by such massage parlor proprietors, whose detainees participate in fisticuffs. I ask each house of ill-repute proprietor to entirely stick to the standards and controls controlling against coming into massage parlors with arms and ammo,"

"Assault would have been occurring even in places of worship if houses of ill-repute were not in presence in the state. There are men whose drive constrains them to have sex consistently to the point that they can't pass a night without laying down with a lady," Nwachukwu expressed.

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