Teen Dad beats One Year old Daughter to death

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A 19-year-old man blamed for thrashing his 16-month-old little girl into a bloody mess never needed the young lady to be conceived by any stretch of the imagination, reports say.

In view of his Facebook posts, the adolescent father from Brooklyn, New York had never imagined that he needed a tyke from his better half and mother of his initially child, 17-year-old Tammy Lewis.

Shaquan Taylor once expounded on his at that point sweetheart's pregnancy ;

"Feel distraught disregarded." That was February 2016 around the time his girl Nylah Lewis was conceived

"Informed that lil b—h to get fetus removal (and) she discloses to me she is yet at the same time keep it. Precisely why I detest that lil b—h,"

He griped oftentimes by means of Facebook about his harried association with the child's mom, Tammy.

"I would not like to have a child by her (and) it's tragic to state, however f—it, s—happens," he wrote in February 2016.

"Kindly, don't ask who Nylah's mother is, nor do I still f—with her cause NO. Just f— - d (that) hotty a–, that is it.

"She truly getting me aggy (fomented)".

Regardless of the long-waiting hostility, however, the dueling guardians concurred that Taylor could invest some energy with his little girl on Father's Day, and that was the point at which he utilized the chance to vent his dissatisfactions on his 16-month-old girl.

Taylor was separated from everyone else with his little girl when 17-year-old Tammy Lewis got a Facebook message advising her there was an issue with Nylah and she expected to go to the condo.

The basically harmed youngster was battling for breath when the mother arrived, and Tammy got the young lady and raged out of the flat.

It was accounted for that said Taylor pursued the match down to the hall, where he leveled the mother with a solitary punch as she gripped their daughter.

A crisis benefit team arrived and got Nylah, hurrying the young lady to the clinic as Taylor kept on pursuing and beat the high school mother.

The defenseless tyke stayed in basic condition for three days after the Father's Day beatdown that left her with numerous skull cracks, seeping on the cerebrum and a bruised eye.

At a point, Nylah required a blood transfusion and authorities dreaded the battered tyke wouldn't survive the assault, however she battled on.

Taylor denied beating his girl, at first guaranteeing she tumbled off the bed. He later changed his story to state she tumbled off the latrine.

In any case, specialists stated, none of the young lady's wounds were reliable with a fall.

It was likewise uncovered that Taylor's new sweetheart is right now pregnant for him.

Taylor stayed hung on $250,000 abandon Tuesday, June 27, when he denoted his nineteenth birthday celebration in a correctional facility.

His Daughter, Nylah battled for her life for five days after the horrendous ambush, yet tragically she abandoned Friday, June 23, and she was covered on Saturday, July 1.

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