Hushpuppi blasts Female follower who compared him to Bill Gates

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Hushpuppi blasts Female follower
Hushpuppi has had enough of those who keep criticizing him over his source of wealth and income..
One of his follower, who felt the need to troll the Malaysian Big Boy slid into Hush’s DM and advised him to limit his spending and lavish lifestyle.
Hush, who is an avid consumer of Gucci of course put the follower to her Place.
Identified as @mimi_labelle, she sent Hushpuppi a picture of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and then wrote: “now that’s real money and class. Designer overload is never an attractive look”.
Hushpuppi blasts Female follower
The Follower.
Then Hushpuppi gave her the last straw: “162 Billion and no Gucci belt, but I have Gucci and I don’t have 162 Billion, it’s a win win. How about your stupid broke stupid ass who don’t have 162 billion and no Gucci belt? YOU ARE A LOSER!!!”
Now, that’s mean! See screenshots below;
Hushpuppi blasts Female follower
Hushpuppi blasts Female follower
Meanwhile, a writer has written to Hushpuppi about his luxurious lifestyle. Read below;
Reading through the verbal assault between a self made [at least so I’m made to believe] Instagram celebrity Hushpuppi, and some Nigerian Celebs whom I’d tag the Famous Four, makes me wonder if Nigerians would ever get tired of being in the news for the wrong reasons.
Could this possibly be another outcome of a curse on the largest black country on the continent that has come to be known for more ill than good?
While celebrities in other countries of the world get involved in progressive ventures and charity work in several African countries, including Nigeria, we see ours arguing childishly over who is putting on fake jewelries, or fighting dirty as to why one was driven in a Lamboghini and the other in a Prado SUV to a show. What really is wrong with blacks from Nigeria?
I read about how Ray Hushpuppi launched the first assault on Phyno and Ice Prince by alleging that both wear fake Patek Phillipe wristwatchs, and I couldn’t but help wonder since when wearing expensive jewelries became an achievement. Are certificates of recognition or degrees awarded for wearing designer outfits and jewelries?
Perhaps I need some education as to why the constant onslaught among Nigerian celebrities, otherwise they might as well let us have our peace on the various social media platforms that celebrate their constant primitive show of shame and stupidity.
I think these so called celebrities should pay very close attention to Dangote and Otedola, both of who are successful business Moguls. When has it been mentioned of the duo engaging themselves like our shameless celebrities do despite the amount of wealth both billionaires control? Or have Nigerians ever heard Former President Ibrahim Babangida going for General Abdulsalam’s or General T.Y. Danjuma’s jugular in a fierce battle for supremacy? Your response is as good as mine, NEVER.
I think Nigerian celebrities, though not all of them though, still find it difficult to break away from the poverty mentality that exists in shanty locations. In such areas, even generators are referred to as “I pass my neighbour”, so as to celebrate the crudest form of systemic discrimination. And to think Davido who ought to know better also rolls in the mud unfortunately tells anyone who cares to know how the average Nigerian mind is wired.
Just when we thought Hushpuppi had blinded our visions with enough stupidity, Kcee came on the scene with an even sillier response by asking the Economic ad Financial Crimes Commission to investigate the “self made” Instagram celebrity. Let’s be honest for once, how many Nigerian celebrities can actually prove that their lifestyles are commensurate with their earnings? Only a handful can.
What he obviously doesn’t know is that he just opened the opportunity which the anti-graft agency has been waiting for, so we hope to see a lot of celebrities being picked up in no too distant future to explain their source of wealth.
Make no mistake, E-Money, Kcee’s brother would no doubt be among the top ten to be investigated. And for what reason, he may want to ask? For not being able to contain the strong “Pull-him-Down” thoughts Kcee has been having up his Limpopo head.
Pondering on second thought over Kcee’s call on the EFCC, gives me the idea that same might afterall be timely, especially against the backdrop of recent events which led to the arrest and detention of a Nigerian celebrity, Dammy Krane, in the United States of America in connection with credit card theft.
Regardless, this incident yet again brings to the fore some of the shortcomings of the Nigerian people, who overtime have discarded the orientation which was imbibed and once existed under the leadership of our founding fathers before the sneaky thoughts of divisiveness and tribalism set in.
Until we learn to be tolerant of each other, and being our bother’s keeper again, the last is yet to be seen and heard of corruption from greed, nepotism from barriers created by Religion and Tribalism, Insecurity foisted on us by fanaticism, and Political retrogression caused by Ethnocentricity. The choice is ours.
There are so many areas of endeavour than music and acting that could use the ingenuity of Nigerians and earn us accolades. I need not go into mentioning them as the list is long.
If Ray Hushpuppi thinks he’s got good taste for clothing and jewelry, then he might as well start a fashion line or have his own jewelry branded since he claims he has all the money in the world. On the other hand, if Kcee is bored to death with music which lately doesn’t make the waves for him anymore, he should on his path consider taking up a course on Integrity and Anti-Corruption at the Hague Academy before applying to the EFCC for employment. Also, since Phyno likes building houses everywhere, he should go for a degree in Architecture, while Ik Ogbonayya should enroll for counseling to sharpen his newly found skill.
I really do not know what to say about Ice Prince, since he is challenging Hushpuppi to go into the studio. He can die in there for all I care, but they all should leave Nigerians in peace and out of their childish squabbles.
Lastly, our celebrities must begin to see themselves as role models for the attainment of positive values needed to make Nigeria great again.
The government already has a lot on its hand to deal with from ongoing tensions created by IPOB agitations, deadline on Igbos resident in the northern part of the country by Arewa Youths, and Ultimatum by Niger Delta militants.
If for anything, these celebrities should get themselves online and carry out Unity Campaigns now that it is needed, and which by the way won’t cost a dime other than their faces and some data for uploading content, rather than fighting over Gucci clothes, Patek wristatchs, and “who spent how much in clubs”.
These continuous show of SHAME and STUPIDITY MUST STOP NOW!
Written by Ezrel Tabiowo
Tabiowo Writes from Abuja.

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