Nigerians react to LIB's exclusive report on how Kiss Daniel used to earn 30k at his label and the tweets are savage!

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Yesterday, an LIB exclusive report revealed how Nigerian pop star Kiss Daniel used to earn a monthly salary of 30k at his former record label, G-Worldwide led by Emperor Geezy before it got increased to 50k and then a 40% share off his performance fees. (Read HERE)

Then we also got an exclusive update from his lawyers detailing how and why he activated the termination clause in his contract. (Read HERE)

With all these stories out and no comment from G-Worldwide yet, Nigerians on social media are savagely roasting Kiss Daniel, the label G-worldwide and his former label mate, Sugarboy.

See all the hilarious tweets below...
So Kiss Daniel is the first person on N-power Entertainment collecting 30k per month while Sugar Boy is doing NYSC with #19800 per month.

Tomao that big mongo park will stand inside video like boss we didn't know he had the Buhari Spirit. APC like him.
If G-Worldwide truly paid Kiss Daniel 30k every month, how much will now be Sugar boy's pay?
it might be 18K minimum wage oo
It is only in Nigeria that Record Labels pay their Artistes Minimum Wage..

If in doubt ask G-Worldwide, Kiss Daniel and Sugar boy..
Headline News: Kiss Daniel gets N30,00 salary from record label.

Nigerians when they see Emperor Geezy
If truly Kiss Daniel was placed on a 30k monthly pay at G-Worldwide. I think it's safe to say Sugarboy receives N19,800 as it looks like he's only doing his NYSC at the record label.
Good evening everyone, just got informed that G-Worldwide was paying Kiss Daniel only N30,000 monthly for 2 years Chai ... People are wicked oh .. This emperor jizzy is not a happy fellow at all . I will organise a happiness plan for him abeg
They need to flog Emperor Geezy ; can't believe Kiss Daniel was getting paid 50k Wtf
“G-worldwide paid Kiss Daniel 30k per month for about 2 years”

Sugar Boy: Holla Holla we gettin money

Davido has probably made millions from spelling fire as fia, and they paid kiss daniel allowee for new era
I actually believe this Kiss Daniel's N30,000 salary gist bcos i flew with him on Airpeace between Abuja and Lagos 3 times in the last one year. He was in economy. It didnt feel right at all. I wondered why an artist as big as him wasnt atleast put in Business Class

We are safe to mention Emperor Geezy with the likes of Emperor Jacques. Emperor Faustin. Emperor Sylvain. Emperor Sunjong. Emperor Puyi. Emperor Bảo Đẑi. Emperor Bokassa... Chai Kiss Daniel don suffer!

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